Sunday, July 31, 2011

YPMMD's Profile


YPMMD West Celebes was founded in the year 1989, and get notary document in 1995. YPMMD works under color of equivalence and unaffiliated with religion, tribe, race or certain ideology. Management of YPMMD West Celebes are environment activist that see that government role in environment preservation and village society empowerment, still need support from society.
Initially, activities of YPMMD West Celebes were focus in environment preservation area, increase society income and rescuing habitats coast. Now, YPMMD-West Celebes programs are comprehensive and inwrought.

The vision of YPMMD West Celebes is to realize welfare of village community, self-supporting, and to have communities consciousness, to change their fate, that make them weak and marginal, and establishment of a village community and for the achievement of the highest possible quality of life.

a.     Increasing the role of villages societies institutional as agent of development
b.     Worked up direct benefit, natural resources potency for society by emphasizes benefit principality and local wisdom
c.     Increasing science, income and skill of the children, young men and rural female at all development sectors.
d.    To support efforts of biological diversity conservation and sustainable utilization of biological resources, yielding benefits to be more widely and equitably shared.
e.     To support the development enactment and adoption of sustainable development policies.
f.     To improve capacity building of YPMMD and local organizations.
g.    To seek and foster support of the programs of the YPMMD.

The aims are:
a.    Increasing village society welfare and pushes rural society development efforts.
b.    To push and growing develops society productive efforts rural in order to revenue enhancements.
c.     Motivating village society for aware and gets active role on rehabilitates and natural resources conservation.
d.    Getting role to help government in order to hasten community development process

In implementing its programs, YPMMD has developed a set of strategies:
a.    Focus on strategic bio-regions and priority eco-regions. In our programs with Environment Ministry we develop local superior tree.
b.     Approach to multi-stakeholders with local groups as the core. When we want to implement our  project (training or adjoining with community), we start with need assessment with sylvan head, orchard head, prominent religion, another society figure and agglomerate chairmen. We really regard local wisdom of every project that they implement.
c.     Empowerment of community in line with local tradition as well as local knowledge and technology system. Be sides need assessment, to implement our program, we must know the level of their knowledge, ability and technology implement. we must know the local tradition, for example: there is several villages not attach women in their meeting, just offspring particular who can become group chairman.
d.    Emphasize on the use of bio-diversity resource with economic values that benefits local community. In our program with Forestry Department, we emphasize that the project not manage by a firm (third party), it must be managed by the communities or farmer’s group in this area.
e.    Increase institutional ability and YPMMD human resource. We got fund from Environment Ministry to build Training Centre, we build Kid’s library and plant seedling, to form Group band for environment’s song. For increase human resource we follow every training, workshop or perform in house training, staffs monthly meeting.
f.     Interlacing partnership with government and donor institute.

The target public of YPMMD are :
a.    Self Help Group (SHGs): 11 SHGs in 6 villages (220 persons)
b.    Youth Environmental Group : 3 groups with 137 persons (Sispala, Boy scouts and greENvision Foundation)
c.      Women and Children: 21 FWGs (Fishermen’s Wife Groups) in 18 Villages (432 persons), for children/kids, we have computer training, and since 2005 we have train 67 kids. YPMMD also have Rural Kids Library and have 87 members, 60 of them are kids.
d.    Farmers and Fishermen Group : 41 groups in 35 villages (861 persons)
e.    Informal employer : have no program for them yet.
f.     Micro effort group : 34 persons of 4 YEG (Youth Entrepreneur Group).

Seven Key Programs (Program 2010-2015)
a.     Early-age Resuscitation Program : OSOT (One Student One Tree), Making book : Kampung Hutan (Forest eco system) and Kampung Bakau (Mangrove eco system), Training how to plant and cultivate.
b.    Women Awareness program : Sanitation for fishermen and farmer’s family. 4 sessions of raising awareness were realized by YPMMD for 4 villages in the last year.
c.     Natural Resources and environmental Program: Farmer’s Training, planting.
d.    Economic development for Rural Community : establish their businesses and set-up loan
e.    Global Warming and climate Change Management Program : Follow training and workshop (Program Management and Leadership in Climate Change), clean the beach together-with student and village’s community, decrease using of plastic bag.
f.     HIV/Aids and Drugs Program : Spread poster and sticker about drugs and HIV/Aids impact for young generation.
g.    Fundraising and Foundation Development Program : YPMMD have Training centre, Group Band and Plant Seedling to fund our self-supporting programs.

Since 1990, YPMMD have planted about 800.000 trees and have about 400 books and magazines in our Library.

Cooperative Expectation
In performing its programs, YPMMD develops partnership and collaboration with other stakeholders, based on equivalence principality, openness and appreciate institute autonomy and of course it for village society importance. Until now, we got 11 partnerships (SGP/GEF-UNDP, Yayasan Kehati, YIS Solo, Indonesian Environment Ministry, Indonesia Forestry Department, Majene’s Fishery Office, Environment Impact Office of Majene, Office of Education and culture, KL2SS-UNDP, BRLKT, DAS Lariang Mamasa). Nobody of these partnerships work for YPMMD, we only got fund/grant from them.

YPMMD have 21 staff and 35 local cadres on 35 villages in Majene.